7 november 2013: symposium Excellence through Diversity

Op 7 november 2013 is het jaarlijkse symposium over diversiteit. Bestuurders, medewerkers en studenten van de Universiteit Leiden spreken elkaar daar over de bijdrage die diversiteit en inclusiviteit leveren aan de wetenschap, het onderwijs en de universiteit als organisatie. Met inspirerende sprekers uit binnen- en buitenland. Alle belangstellenden zijn van harte welkom!


Het middagprogramma is speciaal gericht op medewerkers. Ook studenten zijn hier van harte welkom.De voertaal van het symposium is Engels. Daarom vindt u hier het programma ook in het Engels.

1.00  pm  Welcome and reception

1.30 pm Simone Buitendijk
The Vice-Rector Magnificus of Leiden University, Simone Buitendijk, will discuss the progress achieved since last year’s symposium and will share ideas on how diversity can be put into practice at Leiden University. Buitendijk: 'Diversity and inclusivity in our staff and student body will lead to a change in our organizational culture, will position us globally and will provide excellence in teaching and research.'

2.00 pm Thomas Brage (LUND)
Abstract: Using examples from a project on Gender Certification at the Physics Department in Lund University and the Gendered Innovation project of Stanford University and the European Commission, Thomas Brage will discuss the importance of including a gender perspective when working with quality assurance, excellence in research (and teaching) and an improved work environment in Physics institutes. Brage will describe the background reasoning and motivation, and provide an outline of the process at different levels within the university. He will also offer a number of concrete examples of what can happen in a Department that is engaged in a project on Gender and Physics.

2.45 pm Break

3.00  pm Maurice Crul (VU)
Abstract: International migration has changed Western European cities dramatically. Within two generations the ethnic make-up of our cities has been turned upside down. According to the official statistics of 1 January 2011, Amsterdam is already a ‘majority minority’ city, i.e. a city where the old majority group has become a minority. Other cities, such as Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague will soon follow. While the super-diverse city is a growing reality, the idea of multiculturalism has increasingly come under attack. The most important criticism aimed at multiculturalism is that the idea of tolerance of cultural differences is naive, because multiculturalism also opens the door to cultural expressions that are oppressive to other people. Most importantly, tolerance of cultural expressions also means tolerance of expressions that are intolerant towards women and homosexuals. This has paralysed the integration debate for many years. Professor Maurice Crul offers a new perspective on this debate. Based on the largest European survey among second-generation immigrants in Europe, he emphasises that education plays a crucial role in ensuring a positive outcome for our super-diverse cities. However, he also warns that if people are not given educational opportunities, we may well be facing a more pessimistic outcome. 
3.45 pm Introduction new Diversity Officer
The task of the Diversity Officer is to further shape the diversity policy of Leiden University in collaboration with the faculties. The newly appointed Diversity Officer will introduce him or herself and provide an introduction to the steps to be taken towards greater diversity in the coming years.

4.30 pm Conclusion


5.00 pm Drinks, walking dinner and start of evening programme for staff and students

During dinner staff and students will experience speed dating opportunities to meet each other and discuss diversity, whilst enjoying multicultural tastes.

6.00 pm Award ceremony for the Joris van Bergen Fund. Who will win the 2013 prize?

The jury will announce the winners of the contest of 2013. The 2013 prize is awarded to the group or organization which sends in the best plan for an activity within the Leiden academic community with the potential to contribute to or meet the goals of the Van Bergen Fund, namely promoting contact between Dutch and foreign students.The winners of the 2012 contest will present the progress of their projects.


Het avondprogramma is vooral gericht op studenten. Ook medewerkers zijn hier van harte welkom. Ook hier is de voertaal Engels.

7.00 pm Start of workshops
Participants can choose 1 out of 4 workshops based on pitches that will be presented during dinner

  • Workshop 1. Gender matters at the top!
    (Fe)male. Do two letters explain the differences in career opportunities? Join the workshop to discuss the controversies of gender issues and the Leiden University's diversity policy! This workshop will go into the gender dimension of our own academic environment, Leiden University. Tackling questions such as: To what extent is our university actually influenced by gender stereotyping? (How) do you experience the gender-dimension? What kind of issues have already been addressed? 

  • Workshop 2. Sexual diversity and what it means for students and employees of Leiden University
    What if you were a female student and discovered that you are attracted to other women? Would that be a problem for you, your family or your fellow students?
    And how about if you were a guy, but realized some time earlier that inside you felt like a woman? The university offers help, but your immediate surroundings will react in a certain manner if and when you tell them. In this workshop we will start off with a general explanation of what it is to be sexually diverse. Since our goal is to allow you to ask questions, and hopefully get them answered, this will not be a lecture on sexual diversity. This will be a group discussion, led by an experienced fellow student.

  • Workshop 3. Imaging, media and cultural diversity
    Leiden has a growing cultural diverse student population. Is this group sufficiently represented in university magazines such as Mare and the university newsletter? Are they aware of this growing population and how do they deal with it? Do students feel sufficiently represented by these media?  What is your opinion about imaging, media and cultural diversity at Leiden University? In order to address these and other questions a discussion will be held with Mare, the university newsletter and the Ad Valvas, the university magazine of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Join in the discussion!

  • Workshop 4.  Multicultural dance workshop
    Join our fun, non-competitive, flowing educational dance workshop and expand your international experience! 


8.00 pm Round-up
The results and outcomes of 4 workshops will be presented to the participants

8.30 pm Closing words by Simone Buitendijk


Het symposium vindt plaats in het Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw van de Universiteit Leiden aan de Steenschuur in Leiden.


De registratie voor het symposium is gesloten.

Meer informatie

Heeft u nog vragen over het symposium? Mirella Imthorn van het Evenementenbureau beantwoordt ze graag. U kunt haar bereiken per mail mmh.imthorn@bb.leidenuniv.nl of telefonisch 071 5273135.

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